Writing Portfolio- TV/Film

SmokeandMirrorsPDF – A rough draft of my comedic Pilot


The rise and fall of Dennis07-03-2011- Spec Script for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 


BloodRitualBarbieRewrite2- comedic sketch

Fart Knocker Cock Blocker– comedic sketch

 GhostPCatfish   -comedic sketch

Sitting Down With Pam-  A Comedic Short

Marla’s Moment  -comedic sketch  





the-office-spec  “Fun Day” Spec Script for The Office, Season 3 

SmokeandMirrors-An Original Comedic Television Pilot- First Draft

The rise and fall of Dennis Reynolds-Always Sunny Spec TV script

Officer Fartface_ TV parody-Sketch for Upright Citizens Brigade

_Sparkle_ Laundry Detergent Ad- Spoof TV Sketch for UCB

Deb And Janet- Comedic Sketch for She’s Still Weird


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