Dear Diary: Excerpts from the private journal of a weird single lady(Me).

You can’t predict what I’m going to watch, Netflix. Stop trying so hard. Yeah, I watched “She Devil”, starring Roseanne Barr. What of it? I’m probably gonna try and watch a Carebears movie while high sometime in the near future too. What’s that? You’ve got “suggestions” for me? Alright, let’s see. . . Frasier?  Fucking…

Me Thoughts. By Me.

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Silly stuff

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Burger Love

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Creative Brief -Demographic Characterization

Advertising Persona based upon target demographic: The “with-it” movie-lover of today, Brandon, is 28 and lives with a roommate in Los Angeles in a trendy, yet moderate apartment. He has a love of the movie industry and rents not only for pleasure but for career research, as he is an aspiring writer-director. His knowledge of…

Hello, Kitty

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Mockup Cover for my book.

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Daily Tips from a Real (Fake) Doctor

Face it, your health is important– and it starts in your head. Ever lured a squirrel onto your front stoop, fed it peanut butter and then forced it to be your pet? No? Well, that’s probably why you’re depressed enough to be reading this. Do it. Rabies isn’t real.

Daily Tips from A Real (Fake) Doctor

 Tell someone a secret about your life today. Sharing with others enhances intimacy. Just make sure your “secret” is a lie. Nobody wants to hear about your actual life. Trust me.

Oh, Hai. I wrote a book.

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