A Broken Wing

You saw beacons in people, made prophets of coins, You smelled failure on your frigid breath as burden sucked you dry. But you shed tears in the open street, defied the weight of cold concrete, Spread your wings and let them see: Broken sparrows still know how to fly. Advertisements

For the Delicate Kind

For The Delicate Kind Advice for the kind-hearted It’s something you can’t talk about with most people… but when you’re significantly more emotionally intelligent than the people around you, and cursed with the gift of exceptional empathy, ironically, it’s difficult to truly connect with anyone. It doesn’t start that way. At first you’re wide eyed and open…

Poem: An Autumn Bloom

How they sneer from twisted branches casting shadows as you struggle in that vacant soil and weep for what’s long gone. Brutish hands reach for your blossom, and with hard breath their judgment blows. No use in trusting silly creatures who have no time for truth or beauty— frantic in their greed they learn to…

That one night

You were a child in the tender grasp of sleep, your eyes shut tight, suddenly vulnerable as you gripped my waist with abandon. I wondered What it must’ve been like for your mother and when she stopped knowing you like I did. There in your unwashed sheets, I watched as your dreams held captive your…

Untitled Poem

What you call Strength shivers like a bunny at a wolf parade; all smoke and broken mirrors, you dance to drumbeats only a child could create. But your simplicity lacks innocence; your vision lacks eyes– and you’re banging on the door of fortune expecting an answer.

Little Bird

There were beacons in people, prophets in coins, and you smelled failure on your frigid breath as burden sucked you dry. But you cried in the open and defied the concrete, Dirty pigeons still know how to fly.


She was a girl pretending. An open void walking. Starry eyed, believing in story-book endings.   But she was alone. Alone. Inevitably so.   The best chapters unwritten, her binding frayed to snow, she was shelved wisdom in fragile casing; though she saved each fragment, grateful for the bones that held the pages.

Defying Orbit

There is no defeat, only surrender in the nebulous beyond. Learn to breathe in a new rhythm to survive.   Fear of falling kills the spirit, let go and float away Your anchors will submerge you as a slave.     When fate defies design and particles collide beauty bursts across a sky without an…

The Static Reign

Fed on by vacant gazes, a shining specimen against the glass, I am a mind in waiting at frosted windows. Within this dome of the complacent reigns the static buzz, its welcomed chaos a beacon feigning comfort, a garish beer sign on an empty night. Behind glistening walls the hollow beckons, whispering echoes of desire…