Your New Neighbors




Dec 4, 2016

Dear Residents,

You may have noticed some changes around the property. Due to the colder weather, we have experienced a sharp increase in the rat population here at Oak Grove Condominiums. Please observe curfew hours between 9 pm and 11 am to avoid confrontation with the violent breed of rodent that has infested the main courtyard and south parking lot.

  Do not attempt to go near the dumpsters, as this is where the rats congregate in intimidating numbers and are the most likely to strike.  They have been trained to adore the taste of human flesh, and are very hostile. 

Please do not feed the rats. Even if they beg. They have developed antibodies to most food-based poisons, and feeding them will only keep them strong, resulting in further proliferation of their population.


If you are experiencing taunting, late night calls or other bullying by (or in support of) the rats, please alert a staff member immediately. 





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