Creative Brief -Demographic Characterization

Advertising Persona based upon target demographic:

The “with-it” movie-lover of today, Brandon, is 28 and lives with a roommate in Los Angeles in a trendy, yet moderate apartment. He has a love of the movie industry and rents not only for pleasure but for career research, as he is an aspiring writer-director. His knowledge of film is a source of pride for him, and he is always looking for something new and cutting edge to watch, though he also enjoys indulging in a hearty “man-film” such as action or screwball comedy every once in awhile.
He hangs out with his friends often, and movies are often the glue that holds the conversation together. Every Wednesday night, he invites friends over to watch movies and drink beer. He is also a big fan of Television, and tries to watch as much as he can, but prefers not to invest in cable, as most of his favorite shows are on DVD. He subscribes to GQ and Details, as well as trade magazines like Creative Screenwriting and Variety.
He listens to classic rock on the radio, but also loves to download new music to his ipod and listen to it in his car. He hopes to someday live the “good life”, but until then enjoys the fun and spontaneity of his youth.


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