Poem: An Autumn Bloom

How they sneer

from twisted branches

casting shadows

as you struggle

in that vacant soil

and weep

for what’s long gone.

Brutish hands

reach for your


and with hard breath

their judgment blows.

No use in trusting

silly creatures

who have no time for


or beauty—

frantic in their greed

they learn to

scurry, scurry, scurry,


All faith in fear.

And though their stock has never suffered,

they’d let you starve

and watch you die.

The kind who’d fight for morsels,

fattened from a harvest’s luck,

shaking their tails with

whispered wisdom

Spreading terror

of darkened skies.

Stand alone, brave little warrior,

Autumn’s sun still shines.

And though you know well

the chill of winter’s longing,

And the barren ache of thirst,

Your blood is hot,


Your roots

too deep to burn.

Break free

Break free

Sow your wildflower seed

and bloom

as if the carbon

of each fallen flower

gave you the strength

to carry on.


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