The Static Reign

Fed on by vacant gazes,

a shining specimen against the glass,

I am a mind in waiting

at frosted windows.

Within this dome of the complacent

Image: Kelsey Kirk
Image: Kelsey Kirk

reigns the static buzz,

its welcomed chaos a beacon feigning comfort,

a garish beer sign on an empty night.

Behind glistening walls

the hollow beckons,

whispering echoes of desire to ravenous souls.


With glossy technicolor layers

to bundle beating need,

dizzy in their repetition,

the suited and the smiling turn each careful corner,

blissfully blind to the boundaries of glass castles.


Hammer-fisted, now I shatter,

letting each shard of the charade

pierce my color within,

and in the wake of my rebellion

sparkle facets of what was

as I dance to the naked symphony

of a life un-planned.


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