First Draft of “My Stupid Hipster Diary”

Because life is fun, idiots.
An Irreverent Adventure Diary for Adults

Click here to read MyStupidHipsterDiary in its full first draft glory!


As you're probably aware, I write. My Stupid Hipster Diary, an irreverent adventure diary for adults, is my first book. It's not about Hipsters. It's about you. And all of the stupid stuff that you do and think. Within its pages, you'll be asked things like, "What would you be like if you were the opposite sex, living in the 1980's?", or "What sort of losery things do you do while you're alone?"

There's also a sweet-ass scavenger hunt, and dares. That's right, dares. Because you're not a chicken, I'm a turkey. Or something.

And guess what? Even if you don't like reading OR talking about yourself, it's got pictures. Funny old-timey ones.


I spent hours hunting down the photos for this book, and then did  stuff to my brain with plants and captioned them all for your enjoyment.

I also, you know, wrote it.

So take a look, answer some questions, and send em' my way!  (Because you love me?)




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