Anne M. Jackson
Netflix” TV :30
  1. Open on FS of a tough-guy type, curled up on a sofa watching a movie and crying.
  2. Cut to: FS of a guy and girl sitting in a park on a picnic blanket watching a movie on a laptop computer.
  3. Cut to: MCU of a guy clicking “play” on his Netflix streaming device hooked up to his TV, PAN to FS of his friends watching from the couch.
  4. DISSOLVE to FS of the Netflix logo.
1.MAN (VO): Unleash your inhibitions.
2. MAN (V0): Step outside the box.
3. MAN (VO): And push asidethe envelope . . . Netflix now has more than 10,000 titles available for instant streaming to your PC or Television- at no extra charge.
4. MAN (VO): Netflix. Stream on. 

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