SPEC Netflix Radio AD: 60

Radio :60
Girl 1:                          I love my Netflix.   Seeing a movie waiting for me in the mail
                                    is so great after a long day at work. And now, I don’t even
                                    have to wait for the mail- I can stream movies right to my
Guy 1:                         It’s so convenient!  I can just click-and bam, there’s my movie-                                                           instantly.  It’s like, Star Trek.  Beam me up a movie, Scottie!
Guy 2:                        I used to get pay-per view, but this. . . is so much better.
Girl 2:                         I can choose from literally thousands of movies online,
                                    and Netflix even gives me suggestions.  It’s like having  
                                    a little friend in your computer.
Guy 3:                         I watch so many movies now I actually won a hundred bucks in
                                    a movie trivia tournament.  How cool is that?
Girl  2:                          Seriously. You have to try it.  N-e-t-f-l-i-x dot com.  Check it
                                    out and get YOUR free trial today!  It’s like a ticket to movie

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